SL A/AF GoPro Adapter



If the holder is aligned frontally to the front (horizontally), we recommend the “S” version.

For purely upside down installation (vertical), we recommend the “M” version.

The adapter in version “L” allows a completely flexible installation. The lamp head of the SL AF can be twisted completely here.

Please note that while this is supplied with two o-rings: in most cases, only one is necessary to be effective.  Therefore, always first try to mount the lamp-head with only one of the o-rings! 

Arm length (back stop to middle screw):

Version L: approx. 42 mm
Version M: approx. 35 mm
Version S: approx. 22 mm

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Weight: ~9g
Material: CNC-machined, 6061-T6 aluminum, shot-peen, hard-anodized


  • SL F/AF GoPro adapter (depending on size chosen)
  • 1x bolt screw
  • 2x O ring
  • 1x threaded plug


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