SL F Nano
SL F Nano
SL F Nano
SL F Nano
SL F Nano
SL F Nano

SL F Nano

The SL F Nano E-Bike light with 600 lumens of low beam and 900 high beam


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The SL F Nano E-Bike light with 600 lumens of low beam and 900 high beam. The lightweight lamp is attached directly to the handlebars with a  two-piece aluminum bracket clamp. The wired remote control allows a comfortable and lightning-fast switching between low and high beam. BOSCH & SHIMANO REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOU LOCAL BIKE SHOP TO ACTIVATE YOUR LIGHT PORT IMPORTANT! Connection cable compatible with Shimano engines – for Bosch, Brose and Yamaha please order the appropriate light cable (and possibly Scotchlok connectors)

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Compatible with  Specialized Mahle Motors

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  • Delivery contents “SL F Nano”
  • Lamphead SL Nano
  • Handlebar mount made of aluminium
  • Wired remote control
  • Holder screws
  • TX6 and TX15
  • Light cable with open strands
  • Manual


Compatibility Chart

1 review for SL F Nano

  1. GRANT GERLACH (verified owner)

    Nice little light that’s always at the ready. Has a daytime running mode, low beam and high beam which is quite wide and bright. Installed on a specialized levo SL and wired into the bike power supply using a specialized Y-splitter. Install was easy following a detailed video on Lupin’s you-tube channel. First set of scotchlok connectors did not pierce the wire coating which lead to a lot of trouble shooting and relief that I ordered 2nd pair. The wire sheath on the lupin cord is quite robust and proper tools help to strip this without damaging the thin wire inside. The wired light switch looks great and blends in seamlessly with the other bike controls. There is a slight flicker every 3 seconds in the daytime running mode but is not apparent in the other settings. Shipping cost of the product was excessive, like 25$ for UPS ground so be sure to order all needed parts in the first order.

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