SL F Nano

The SL F Nano E-Bike light with 600 lumens of low beam and 900 high beam


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The SL Nano for e-bikes with up to 900 lumen high beam and StVZO approval.

The 600 lumen low beam illuminates the road without dazzling oncoming traffic, while the high beam has a range of 230m. The lamp head, which weighs only 52g, is connected to the remote control via a cable, with which you can switch between low beam and high beam. The symbols on the clamp indicate which mode is activated by lighting up green or blue. With the CNC-milled aluminum holder, the lamp is mounted firmly next to the stem and sits in the middle of the handlebars. The housing, also made of CNC-milled and black anodized aluminum, is particularly robust, durable and heat-resistant.

The SL Nano is also waterproof and impact resistant to IK09 and IP68.


– Connection cable on the lamp compatible with Shimano motors. * If not selected below – for Bosch, Brose and Yamaha please check out the light cable with the appropriate motor connection -> light cable with plug connection

compatibility list

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Your little one for the road

SL Nano: Just 30mm long, 41mm wide and still plenty of light for traffic.

Smaller, lighter, stronger, more beautiful

The SL Nano is the smallest, brightest and, in our opinion, also the most beautiful in its class. The lightweight, weighing only 52g, lights up in accordance with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations and draws its power directly from the light output of your e-bike.

Fully in focus

The SL Nano owes its uniform light pattern and its enormous luminosity in relation to its size to sophisticated lens technology. The polycarbonate optics combines complex free-form surfaces with Fresnel elements and thus creates an illumination quality that is unrivaled in this class.

With glare-free low beam

The glare-free low beam of the SL Nano shines with an impressive 600 lumens and thus beats any comparable lamp of its size. The light pattern of the low beam is extremely even. In this way, you can easily recognize obstacles in the entire range of your gaze.

And optionally with high beam

900 lumens high beam from such a small lamp seems almost unbelievable. With the wired remote control, specially developed for e-bikes, you can switch between the light levels or switch your light off* in fractions of a second. The button’s symbols light up green or blue, depending on which mode you are currently in.

*Our e-bike lights turn on automatically as soon as the motor is activated

Universal clamp

The SL Nano is mounted directly on the handlebar with a two-piece clamp as standard. The holder itself is made of CNC-milled aluminium, has been black anodized and holds the Nano firmly in place even with strong impacts.

The SL Nano for Bosch, Brose, Shimano, Yamaha and many more.

Our e-bike headlights are connected directly to the light output of the motor and get their power from the e-bike’s battery. The battery of your e-bike supplies DC voltage. Unfortunately, this is not always the same, but varies between 6V and 12V. Our SL Nano can absorb different DC voltages, automatically adapts its performance to the supply voltage and is therefore compatible with most drive systems. If you want to know if the SL Nano is compatible with your e-bike, follow the link. compatibility list

Tech Specs

Properties “SL Nano”
Bluetooth: With cable remote control
color temperature: 6000 Kelvin
Weight: 52g
Lamp type: E bike lighting
Lamp holder: Fixed handlebar clamp
Lumens: 900 lumens
Lux: 130 lux
Dimensions: 41x30mm
Range: 230 m
Protection class: IK 09 (impact resistance) , IP 68 (waterproof)
StVZO approval: Yes (~K1797)


Scope of delivery “SL Nano”
(depending on option chosen)
  • Lamphead SL Nano
  • Aluminum handlebar mount
  • Wired remote control
  • holder screws
  • Six round wrenches 6 and 15
  • Light cable with open strands
  • Instructions

1 review for SL F Nano

  1. GRANT GERLACH (verified owner)

    Nice little light that’s always at the ready. Has a daytime running mode, low beam and high beam which is quite wide and bright. Installed on a specialized levo SL and wired into the bike power supply using a specialized Y-splitter. Install was easy following a detailed video on Lupin’s you-tube channel. First set of scotchlok connectors did not pierce the wire coating which lead to a lot of trouble shooting and relief that I ordered 2nd pair. The wire sheath on the lupin cord is quite robust and proper tools help to strip this without damaging the thin wire inside. The wired light switch looks great and blends in seamlessly with the other bike controls. There is a slight flicker every 3 seconds in the daytime running mode but is not apparent in the other settings. Shipping cost of the product was excessive, like 25$ for UPS ground so be sure to order all needed parts in the first order.

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