SL Mono Quick Release

SL Mono Quick Release

Quick Release Handle Bar Mount for SL Mono for 31.8 mm or 35 mm diameters


Handle Bar Mount for SL Mono 31.8 mm / 35 mm
This Quick-release Handlebar Mount puts the SL MONO directly in front of the stem. The mount itself is only 8 mm wide, using little space on the bar. The mount is CNC-machined.

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Detailed Description

Please note that while this is supplied with two o -rings: in most cases, only one is necessary to be effective.  Therefore, always first try to mount the lamp-head with only one of the o -rings!  (i.e. put the screw with the mounted o -ring through the arm, and screw into lamp head; if needed, use other o -ring between arm and lamp head)


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