USB Charger


Charges Lupine batteries with a 7.2V system via any USB port (all except the Alpha battery & flashlight battery tanks)

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USB Charger

Charging via USB

With the USB charger, you can charge any Lupine battery using a standard USB.

Always there

With the USB charger you can easily charge any Lupine battery via the USB port of your PC, laptop or mobile phone power supply.

Up to 1 ampere comes from this charger, which is only a few centimeters small – that’s more than fast enough to charge your battery during working hours, for example.

Unforeseen possibilities

The USB charger really works on almost every USB socket. In combination with a solar panel such as the Goal Zero Nomad 7, the USB charger forms an ingenious emergency kit for long expeditions far away from the nearest power outlet.


Features “USB Charger”
Suitable for: Batteries with 7.2V (all except Alpha)
Charging current: up to 1.6A


Review On Dec 7, 2016 by Mike F. of Lancaster, PA(Verified)

Title: Incredibly handy for travel

Comments: I loved having this charger for my summer cross-country bicycle trip. Particular out west (western WA, ID, MT, WY, ND, NE) there was little access to power. I had the “Pure Outdoor 15W, 5V Portable Solar Panel” from Monoprice that I would connect this to. Within a few hours, this can put a good amount of charge back into your battery using solar power. It actually performs an excellent job at a rather sophisticated task: boosting 5 volt USB power up to 8.4 volts for your battery—not exactly an ordinary charging task. It is also useful for long-distance rides that require a battery recharge, where you may not want to carry one of the larger Lupine chargers. I also appreciate the visual indicator that illuminates red while charging and green when finished.


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  • USB Charger



USB Charger


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