USB Charger


Charges Lupine batteries with a 7.2V system via any USB port (all except the Alpha battery & flashlight battery tanks)

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USB Charger

Charging via USB

With the USB charger, you can charge any Lupine battery using a standard USB.

Always there

With the USB charger you can easily charge any Lupine battery via the USB port of your PC, laptop or mobile phone power supply.

Up to 1 ampere comes from this charger, which is only a few centimeters small – that’s more than fast enough to charge your battery during working hours, for example.

Unforeseen possibilities

The USB charger really works on almost every USB socket. In combination with a solar panel such as the Goal Zero Nomad 7, the USB charger forms an ingenious emergency kit for long expeditions far away from the nearest power outlet.


Suitable for: Batteries with 7.2V (all except Alpha)
charging current: up to 1A


Review On Dec 7, 2016 by Mike F. of Lancaster, PA(Verified)

Title: Incredibly handy for travel

Comments: I loved having this charger for my summer cross-country bicycle trip. Particular out west (western WA, ID, MT, WY, ND, NE) there was little access to power. I had the “Pure Outdoor 15W, 5V Portable Solar Panel” from Monoprice that I would connect this to. Within a few hours, this can put a good amount of charge back into your battery using solar power. It actually performs an excellent job at a rather sophisticated task: boosting 5 volt USB power up to 8.4 volts for your battery—not exactly an ordinary charging task. It is also useful for long-distance rides that require a battery recharge, where you may not want to carry one of the larger Lupine chargers. I also appreciate the visual indicator that illuminates red while charging and green when finished.


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USB Charger


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