5.0Ah SmartCore Battery
5.0Ah SmartCore Battery
5.0Ah SmartCore Battery
5.0Ah SmartCore Battery
5.0Ah SmartCore Battery
5.0Ah SmartCore Battery

5.0Ah SmartCore Battery

Long-lasting rechargeable Li-ion battery with capacity gauge; Fastener straps included


Smartcore battery with LED display with a capacity of 5.0 Ah/35Wh.

We recommend this 190g battery for our Neo, Piko, Blika, SL AX and SL AF models. A short and a long Velcro strip with an anti-slip coating are included for attaching the battery to the bicycle frame, for example.

Dimensions: 82x51x32mm. Cable length on battery approx. 12cm.

You might want one of these: Battery connector protection

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Hardcase & SmartCore batteries

pure energy

For mounting on the bicycle frame.

Waterproof, robust and safe

Our Li-Ion batteries are absolutely waterproof and, thanks to their extremely robust outer shell made of ABS plastic, are well protected against external forces. The integrated switch-off electronics of every Lupine battery reliably protects it against erroneous currents.

smart core

The optional SmartCore technology offers even more. Colored LEDs and an acoustic signal show you at the push of a button how much energy is currently in your battery.

Right on the bike frame

You simply attach your battery to the bike frame. Our silicone-coated Velcro strap keeps your battery safe and secure in the desired position.

top or down tube

Our battery straps are available in two different lengths. So you can mount your battery with maximum flexibility either on the top or down tube of your bike and still have enough space for your drinking bottle or a frame bag

ROLF V1 mount option

The battery holder can be mounted instead of the bottle holder. Our HardCase and SmartCore batteries can now be mounted without Velcro.Depending on the position of the bottle cage, it may be necessary to use an extension. ROLF V1 Battery Mount

or in your pocket

the same batteries are used if you use a helmet lamp with a lot of power. The battery is stowed in a pocket or backpack with the help of an extension cable.

Can be freely combined

All plug connections are absolutely identical, so you can easily combine any battery with any Lupine lamp. Even if each of our rechargeable batteries is characterized by high capacity and energy density, you should of course consider the power requirements of your lamp head. The only exception here: the battery of the Alpha.

Learn more about Alpha

Tech Specs

Properties “5.0Ah SmartCore battery”
Battery pack: 35Wh / 5.0Ah SmartCore
Battery characteristics: With Velcro , SmartCore
Battery mount: with Velcro , with Velcro on the frame , with Velcro or in a jersey or backpack
battery system: 7.2V
Suitable for: Blika , Neo , Piko , SL AF , SL AX
Weight: 190g
Capacity display: Yes (SmartCore battery)
Dimensions battery: 82x51x32mm
Protection class: IK 09 (impact resistance) , IP 68 (water resistance)


  • 35Wh/5.0Ah SmartCore battery
  • Anti-slip Velcro short
  • Anti-slip velcro tape long


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