Betty R Upgrade LED and AR Frontcap

Cree XML2 U4 Upgrade; front cap with antireflection coating


Choose original 6000K or new 4900K color temperature. Cree XML2 U4 Upgrade and front cap with new antireflection coating (Item Number: i1060). Betty R Upgrade: The upgrade can be done by yourself. The increase in Lumens varies depending on your original light. Example: Old board: Cree XM-L (3600 Lumen Betty R) + 800 Lumen Old board: Cree XM-L2 (4500 Lumen Betty R) + 500 Lumen Delivered items: – LED copper-board with 6x Cree XM-L2 U4 and 1x XP-G2 (white) – Frontcap with anti-reflection coating

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