Betty RX 14 Headlamp System

5400 Lumens; 150g Lamp; 13.8 Ah SmartCore Battery; Bluetooth; Runtime 2 – 310 Hours; 610g Total System Weight


The Betty headlamp with 5400 lumens, Bluetooth remote control and app control. The lamp head comes with the Lupine FrontClick system and can be easily converted to a helmet or another headband. The aluminum housing has improved thermal management for maximum efficiency. The Betty offers eleven different light levels (0.3W/30 lumens – 45W/5400 lumens), flash, SOS and center LED. Cable length at lamp head 25cm. The cable runs through a cable guide at the back of the head into the backpack, where the battery is stowed. Because of their size and weight, the 6.9 Ah and 13.8 Ah batteries are not attached to the headband.

The Lupine Light Control App is available for Apple and Android .

Like all Lupine lamps, the Betty is both waterproof and shockproof according to IP68 and IK09.

Included in the Box: Lamphead Betty R, Bluetooth remote control, Bracelet holder for Bluetooth remote control, 13.8Ah SmartCore battery, headband, 120 cm extension, Charger One, 12V cable, Pouch L, Instructions.

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Betty’s incredible 5400-lumen output and powerful illumination, paired with a perfectly balanced luminous image, allows you to indulge in any activity at night, no matter how extreme or technical it is.

And Lupine’s compatible accessories make Betty the ideal companion for any nighttime adventure, including mountain-biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, camping, mushing and photography.

product properties

IP 68 (waterproof) and IK 09 (impact resistance): Our Betty meets the highest industry standards.

Red center LED

To see at night without being seen directly, to maintain your own night vision ability or simply not to dazzle: The Betty’s middle LED lights up red when required.

Now with FrontClick

With the FrontClick quick-change system, you are more flexible than ever. You turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or change your lamp head from one helmet to the next in a few seconds, without any tools.

Betty’s 6000k LED output mimics the color temperature of the sun to make night light look look like daylight. This pure white color makes Betty a top lighting choice for pro photographers and videographers. The wide range of accessories, including tripod mounts and filters, makes this the ideal addition to any photography bag.

Precision-milled in Germany from a single piece of lightweight, high-quality aluminum, Betty is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and wear and tear from rough terrain. German innovation packs the most powerful LED technology inside Betty’s waterproof, durable and compact housing.

Lupine’s 13.2 Ah SmartCore Battery features powerful electronics: Simply push the control panel and the remaining battery capacity will be indicated in increments of 10%, allowing you to check the capacity at any time, regardless of whether  the battery is in use, being charged or has not been used for several weeks.

Betty’s lightweight, flexible and durable headband can be worn comfortably for long lengths of time, thanks to high-quality flexible textiles that ensure a secure fit on the head.

The headband is constructed to provide perfect balance between the battery and lamp head, so the weight is evenly distributed on the head.

The Betty headband also has a special cable-management feature that feeds the extension cable to the battery so you can carry it in your backpack or pocket.

In addition to the Betty RX 14’s extensive light-setting options, the revolutionary Bluetooth wireless remote offers unprecedented control of light levels with the simple push of a button mounted to your wrist or smartphone app.

Download the Lupine Light Control App for iPhone or Android

One for all

With the Betty R, you don’t just own a headlamp. You own a lamp head – your lamp head for all eventualities. A few simple steps transform your headlamp into a helmet lamp. You can mount them on poles in a flash using the quick-release fasteners or use the mount on your helmet camera using the GoPro adapter. Our diverse mounting systems offer you the right mount for every application.


Tech Specs


Lupine’s compatible and interchangeable accessories and mount kits allow you to easily transform your Betty lamphead into a lamp for any activity.

Securely mount Betty to a vented bike helmet using the Betty Helmet Mount and state-of-the-art Lupine hook-and-loop fastener straps.

Add a Betty Quick-Release Handlebar Mount to your Lupine system to easily secure your Betty to mountain bike or road bike handlebars. Or use the GoPro Adapter to turn your GoPro mount into a mount for your Lupine Light — a great option for mounting your light to bike handlebars or your helmet. Add a Peppi V5 Bluetooth Remote Button Mount to attach your Bluetooth button to your handlebars.

Use hook-and-loop fastener straps or an Endure Top Tube Case to mount your SmartCore Battery to your bike frame.

Betty’s battery is compatible with the UBS ONE Adapter, which can turn your Lupine System into a charging station for any USB device, including smartphones. A great accessory for camping and traveling!




  • Lamphead Betty R
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Bracelet holder for Bluetooth remote control
  • 13.8Ah SmartCore battery
  • headband
  • 120 cm extension
  • Charger One
  • 12V cable
  • Pouch L
  • Instructions


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