Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount


Mounts Bluetooth Remote Button on wrist or road-style shifter levers (For control of R model Lupine lights)

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Full Description

Bluetooth Control

Lupine’s R light models have an integrated Bluetooth Module that allows easy control of up to five pre-programmed light modes directly from your wrist – with lightning speed, without delay, without cable and without any security risk.


Suitable for: All Lupine Bluetooth remote controls
Material: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide


Add Versatility

Tip for road cyclists: Secure your Bluetooth Armlet Mount, using the hook and loop fastener strap, directly on your road bike handlebars for easy control your lights while you rule the road (shown below).

*Note: If you want to put the remote switch on a handlebar, we recommend using a Peppi V4 or V5 mount.

Purchase Peppi V4  (for older 4500 lumen models) |  Peppi V5 (for old and new Bluetooth Remote button)

Suitable for mounting the Bluetooth Remote Button (included with all Lupine R model light systems).
Bluetooth Button not included.


  • holder shell
  • Velcro or bracelet


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