Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount
Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount
Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount
Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount
Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount

Bluetooth Remote Armlet Mount

Mounts Bluetooth Remote Button on wrist or road-style shifter levers (For control of R model Lupine lights)


Lupine is the first worldwide to put the power and control of Bluetooth 4.0 technology directly on your wrist, or backpack strap. The Bluetooth Armlet Mount allows you to easily, and securely mount a Bluetooth Control Button to a wrist strap, so that you have easy, hands-off control over your mounted helmet or handlebar light while nighttime mountain-biking, hiking, hunting, or fishing.  All Lupine R model lamps include integrated Bluetooth Technology. Note: Remote NOT included.

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Full Description

Bluetooth Control

Lupine’s R light models have an integrated Bluetooth Module that allows easy control of up to five pre-programmed light modes directly from your wrist – with lightning speed, without delay, without cable and without any security risk.


Suitable for: All Lupine Bluetooth remote controls
Material: Glass fiber reinforced polyamide


Add Versatility

Tip for road cyclists: Secure your Bluetooth Armlet Mount, using the hook and loop fastener strap, directly on your road bike handlebars for easy control your lights while you rule the road (shown below).

*Note: If you want to put the remote switch on a handlebar, we recommend using a Peppi V4 or V5 mount.

Purchase Peppi V4  (for older 4500 lumen models) |  Peppi V5 (for old and new Bluetooth Remote button)

Suitable for mounting the Bluetooth Remote Button (included with all Lupine R model light systems).
Bluetooth Button not included.


  • holder shell
  • Velcro or bracelet


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