Neo/Piko/Blika/Wilma/SL A/SL AF Quick-release Bar Mount


CNC-machined mount for handlebars;Available in 25.4mm ,31.8mm .35mm. Compatible with Wilma/Wilma R & Piko/Piko R

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Full Description

CNC machined quick-release mounts on 25.4/31.8 mm, 35.0 mm handlebars.

Suitable for new lights:

  • 9W Neo 900 Lumen
  • 20W Piko 1900 Lumen (with and without Bluetooth)
  • 28W Wilma 3200 Lumen (with and without Bluetooth)

Suitable for older lights:

  • Piko (1200 Lumens or earlier)


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