Micro Charger  / Li-Ion
Micro Charger  / Li-Ion
Micro Charger  / Li-Ion

Micro Charger / Li-Ion


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When talking lighting systems with rechargeable batteries, the quality of the charger is obviously of high importance and is a point often overlooked when making system comparisons. At Lupine, we were not satisfied with available standard charging systems, as they often do not give a full charge. In fact, inferior chargers can shorten the lifetime of a battery.

Our Micro Charger, little brother of the famous Charger One is fully microprocessor controlled and suitable for all Lupine Lithium-Ion batteries. The Micro Charger will always make sure your battery is fully charged.

The Micro Charger is very compact and a lesson in pure simplicity: there is no integrated LCD display panel and no fancy CNC aluminum housing. The Micro Charger, simple as it appears, possesses the same highly engineered technology built into our Charger One, so the quality of a charge cycle is the same. Our Micro Charger will provide a high quality charge to the full range of Lupine Li-Ion batteries.

Useful information, like the capacity charged-in, is displayed by a 3-LED indicator.


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