Piko R All-in-One Kit

2100 Lumen; 3.5Ah SmartCore Battery; Runtime 1:15 – 80 hours; 225g Total System Weight


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The Piko with 2100 lumens in a practical all-in-one set. You don’t have to choose between a helmet or a headlamp.

In addition to the lamp head, the package includes a headband, helmet holder, battery, Bluetooth remote control, charger and instructions.
Thanks to the FrontClick system, the lamp head can be quickly moved from the headband to the helmet (with ventilation slots)
and back again. Cable length at the lamp head approx. 25cm. The aluminum housing has improved thermal management for maximum efficiency and there is an additional heatsink option. The Piko offers a diffuse light function, six different light levels (0.3W/50 lumens – 20W/2100 lumens), SOS, RVLR and an alpine emergency signal.
The 3.5 Ah SmartCore battery is worn directly on the headband or helmet using the FastClick system, shows
the remaining capacity at the push of a button and also serves as a signal light. Also compatible with larger non FastClick SmartCore batteries for longer run times (not included in this configuration10.0Ah, or 13.8Ah).
Like all Lupine lamps, the Piko is both waterproof and shockproof according to IP68 and IK09.
Note: This is the Bluetooth option: If the Bluetooth function is selected, the lamp will be delivered with a Bluetooth remote control and the option to use the Lupine Light Control App. Neither Bluetooth nor the app can be retrofitted to the Piko.

System includes: Piko lamphead, FrontClick helmet mount, 3.5Ah FastClick SmartCore battery, FastClick helmet mount, Headband with FrontClick, Bluetooth remote, wristlet for Bluetooth remote, Peppi V5 mount for Bluetooth remote, charger, manual

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Small high-tech miracle

The Piko headlamp is extremely small and light, but also robust and bright enough for even the most extreme situation. Piko – that’s 2100 lumens in the size of a matchbox, now with diffused light, new app and new remote control.

Smaller, lighter, brighter

The Piko: Mountain rescue headlamp*, coveted bike lamp and unrivaled for years when it comes to achieving as much light as possible with the lowest possible weight and minimum size. But how do you improve an already undefeated headlamp? They are newly developed – more functional, brighter, more beautiful and with attention to detail.

A bright little head

The third generation of the Piko shines with a total of 2100 lumens, weighs only 60g and has its own diffuse reading and camping light.

Even more comfortable

Its CNC machined aluminum body has been completely redesigned and is 3mm shorter than before. This brings the Piko’s center of gravity closer to your head, making it even more comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The button on the lamp head is now in the middle of the lamp, is easier to find, especially when wearing gloves, and clicks noticeably more pleasantly.

Full control – with Bluetooth

There are situations where you want to put your head down – but you don’t have to. With the optionally integrated Bluetooth module, you no longer control the Piko R exclusively via the button directly on the lamp head, but now also via Bluetooth remote control or a free mobile app.

Individually adjustable

You can configure the new Piko more freely than ever before, optionally directly via the app. You save your settings, create individual profiles for your activities and simply use them again when you need them again.**App and remote control are optional and can only be used in conjunction with the Bluetooth version

Diffuse reading and camping light

The diffused reading and camping light is perfect for situations such as camping, reading and repair work. The light itself is particularly soft and even. Its color temperature is particularly warm compared to the main headlight and is therefore particularly pleasant for close-up activities.

Improved heat management

With a lamp as small and bright as the Piko, heat management and the integration of an additional reading light is a big challenge. Thanks to state-of-the-art materials and optimized software, the heat dissipation and dimming behavior of the Piko has been significantly improved. So you now have visibly more light than before, even with little headwind or when the lamp is already warm.


With the FrontClick quick-change system, you are more flexible than ever. You turn your headlamp into a helmet lamp or change your lamp head from one helmet to the next in a few seconds, without any tools.

FastClick battery holder

With our specially developed FastClick system, you wear your battery directly on the headband and swap it for the next one in just a few seconds. The rear light function of the Lupine SmartCore batteries not only increases your safety but also makes you look really good from behind.

battery technology

The Piko headlamp is available in four different versions:

  • 3.5 Ah FastClick Hardcase battery without display.
  • 3.5Ah FastClick SmartCore battery. This has a capacity indicator with an integrated rear light function.
  • 6.9 Ah SmartCore battery with capacity display. Ideal for those who need a little more lighting time. This battery is carried in a backpack or jacket pocket with the help of an extension cable.

    One for all

    With the Piko, you don’t just own a headlamp. You own a lamp head – your lamp head for all eventualities.

    A few simple steps transform your helmet into a headlamp. You can mount them on poles in a flash using the quick-release fasteners or use the mount on your helmet camera using the GoPro adapter. Our diverse mounting systems offer you the right mount for every application.

Tech Specs



Lupine’s compatible accessories and mount kits allow you to easily transform your Neo lamp head into a lamp for any activity.

  • Securely mount Neo to your bike helmet using the Neo Helmet Mount and and state-of-the-art Lupine hook-and-loop fastener straps (included in your kit).
  • Add a high-quality headband to transform Neo into the perfect headlamp for hiking, camping or climbing.
  • Add a Quick-Release Mount to your Lupine system to easily secure your Neo to mountain bike or road bike handlebars.





Scope of delivery “Piko All-in-One”
  • Lamp head Piko
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • remote control holder
  • Peppi V5
  • 3.5Ah SmartCore FastClick battery
  • Headband with FastClick/FrontClick mount
  • FrontClick helmet holder with Velcro
  • Battery helmet holder FastClick with Velcro
  • charger weasel
  • Instructions

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  1. Molly Stager

    I’ve owned my Piko for several years and love it!! Great for running or riding at night!!

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