Piko TL MiniMax Flashlight

1600 Lumens; 2.0 Ah Built-in Battery; Runtime 1 – 47 Hours; 145g Total Weight


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SMALLER THAN A SMARTPHONE. Looking at our Piko TL Max, it seems almost impossible to build it smaller. Our compact Piko TL MiniMax is even smaller than a smartphone. But, you won’t believe the amount of light it can produce.  The slim, black lamp fits your hand nicely and is an inconspicuous companion until you switch it on and unleash 1600 lumens of pure light power from this 145 gram lightweight lamp. The Piko TL MiniMax has a luminosity of up to 1600 lumens and an output of 0.3 – 16 W. One battery charge lasts up to 47 hours.

It comes with five pre-programmed light modes (2-level, 3-level, 4-level, ECO and RVLR mode) that can be switched between with the push of a button. In addition, other special functions such as SOS or the alpine emergency signal are available. Like all Lupine lamps, the Piko TL MiniMax is shockproof and waterproof according to IK09 and IP68.

Included in the Box: Piko TL Minimax flashlight, Pico TL charger, Instructions.

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The pocket spotlight

No other shines with a full 1600 lumens, is smaller than your smartphone, waterproof and at the same time as elegant as our PTL.

product properties

IP 68 (waterproof) and IK 09 (impact resistance): Our Piko TL meets the highest industry standards.

Always at hand

With the Piko flashlight you always have your headlight with you. It’s small and light enough to carry comfortably in your pocket or on your belt. 2 high-power LEDs fire the PTL to a maximum of 1600 lumens – bright enough to always offer you enough light in any night-time situation. Its extremely robust but elegant aluminum body reliably protects against impact, dust and water.

Aluminum casing

In order to make the Piko TL as robust and light as possible, we use a particularly high-quality aluminum body and a main element milled from one piece. We have designed every single millimeter with the highest demands on technology and design and created a new type of flashlight – extremely powerful and extremely compact.

Individually adjustable

With the Piko flashlight you have the choice between five pre-programmed light modes. Easily switch between 2-speed, 3-speed, 4-speed, ECO and RVLR modes with just a touch of a button. In addition, you have other special functions such as SOS or the alpine emergency signal.

Two versions

The Piko TL is available in two different sizes. The Piko TL Max is just 1.3 cm longer than the Piko TL MiniMax but has 65% more battery capacity:

  • Piko TL Max : 3.3Ah battery
  • Piko TL MiniMax: 2.0Ah battery

charging technology

Why no USB? Even USB 3.0. is not fast enough for us! That’s why we do without permanently integrated USB ports and continue to rely on our special Lupine chargers. Of course, you can still load your PTL via USB.

handlebar assembly

With the optional Toolfree holder you can also mount your Piko TL on a handlebar. This turns your PTL into a beautiful and compact all-in-one bicycle lamp.


Please respect the laws of your country! Mounting on the bike is not permitted for use in the area of ​​application of the StVZO. This product may only be used in racing and outdoors.


Piko’s pure white color temperature, compact aluminum body, and ability to mount to a tripod makes this little flashlight the ideal companion for pro photographers’ lighting kits. In fact, our Piko TL MiniMax made Pro Photographer Ken Rockwell’s 2015 list of Best Gifts for Photographers. Here’s why:

“This is the world’s best flashlight because it’s small enough to hide in a fist,
it’s lightweight, it’s as bright as both of a car’s headlights put together,
it’s waterproof and built to survive anything, and its battery
lasts for months and months of daily use on a charge.”

-Ken Rockwell; Pro Photographer




Lupine offers 20-plus years of precision-manufacturing and high-tech innovation- made in Germany.

We are one of the best in the industry relative to:

  • System weight to lumen output ratio
  • Price to lumen output ratio

We offer the best warranty in the industry. And, we take pride in our customer support and service team that can service your light directly at our Pennsylvania location.

Tech Specs



With Lupine’s compatible accessories, it’s easy to boost the versatility of your Piko TL Flashlight.

  • BIKE LIGHT: Transform your Piko TL into a powerful bike light for epic night rides using the Piko TL Tool-free Bar Mount to mount your Piko TL to your handlebars.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY LIGHT SOURCE: Many photographers praise Piko for its powerful illumination, crisp color temperature and compact, lightweight and durable aluminum body. Adding a Joby Gorillapod tripod to your setup allows you to easily mount your Piko TL as a light source for nighttime or indoor photography or videography.
  • HOLSTER: A high-quality, tooled-leather Lupine holster is a great way to take Piko with you, wherever you go.
    Adding a Piko TL Car Charger to your setup allows you to easily charge your Piko on the road.



Greenlight Filter: This filter immerses the night in a magic green. Just put the cap on the lamp head and it is ready to go.

Redlight Filter: This filter immerses the night in a red light. Just put the cap on the lamp head and it is ready to go.

Diffusor: The diffusor offers a smooth wide beam. Good for wall climbing and for filming and photography.



Open Holster: The hand-stitched leather holster is attached directly to the belt by a leather strap. The width of the belt can be up to 45 mm. The open belt holster fits similar to a revolver holster and ensures a tight fit of the lamp. Thanks to a leather thickness of 3 – 3.5 mm, the holster stays stable and allows a rapid return of the lamp.

Closed Holster: On the back of the holster is a belt loop, for belts up 45mm in width.



  • Piko TL Minimax flashlight
  • Pico TL charger
  • Instructions

1 review for Piko TL MiniMax Flashlight

  1. Mike A

    I bought the older version of the Piko TL MiniMAC back in 2015. I then sent it in for repair in 2020. Customer service response was prompt and repair was quick and excellent. I received my repaired flashlight in under a weeks time. I still EDC my Lupine flashlight to this day and it’s almost 2023. My favorite feature is the low battery warning. I don’t see this feature in other flashlight brands. This flashlight is very reliable, bright, long lasting yet compact and you have Lupine’s excellent customer service behind it. In this case the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true. I own many flashlight brands but this is by far my favorite. If I were in an emergency situation this is my go to personal carry flashlight. If you are looking for a compact, trustworthy, dependable, and long lasting quality built flashlight I would strongly recommend Lupine. 👌👍

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