Our range of durable, German-engineered mount options are designed to maximize stability and versatility. Whether you're mountain biking or camping, skiing or caving, Lupine makes it easy to transform any Lupine light into a headlamp, handlebar-mounted light or helmet light with a range of fully-compatible accessories.

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3M Dual Lock Helmet Mount for Neo/older Piko (up to 1200-lumen)
Mounts lamp head to non-vented helmets; Not for 2016 Piko/Piko R 1500-lumen head-lamps
US $16.00
GoPro mount adapter for Betty R
GoPro mount adapter for Betty R
Mount a Betty R lamp-head on your GoPro
US $20.00
US $25.00
Headband for Wilma
Basic headband mount for all 'loop mount' style Lupine lampheads
US $45.00
Piko TL Tool-Free Bar Mount
Allows you to attach your Piko TL to your handlebars (without tools!)
US $40.00
HD Headband for Betty/Wilma (NOT Betty R)
For Betty/Wilma/Tesla Lampheads
US $55.00
Helmet Mount
Helmet mount for classic type O-Ring-mount lampheads
US $20.00
ROLF V1 Battery Mount
ROLF V1 Battery Mount
Battery mount for the bottle cage
US $10.00
Helmet Mount for Betty R
Helmet Mount for new Betty R
US $20.00
US $5.00
US $5.00
Syntace Twinfix titanium screws (2 pcs): Fits the Twinfix lamphead mount
Needed for mounting SL A lamps ; the standard supplied SL A bolt screws will not fit.
US $12.00
SL Adapter for stems wider than 46mm
SL AF 50mm stem kit (Stems wider 46 mm)
For centering lamphead on 50mm wide stems. Also useful for mounting lamps under computer mounts.
US $5.00
Cable guides with 3M pads
Neatly route lamp cable to battery
US $6.00
C14 Tail light Cable guides with 3M pads
With the self-adhesive cable guides, the light cable can be led cleanly from the seat tube to the engine of your e-bike. The soft 3M adhesive pads ensure that the clamp can be easily attached to slightly curved surfaces. The cable guides are also ideal for attaching the cable of the SL remote controls directly to the handlebars.
US $6.00
heatsink for Blika/Blika R
Heatsink for Blika/Blika R
Slows thermal auto-dimming on Blika lampheads
US $24.00
Piko O-rings
Spare Mounting-bracket O-rings
US $4.00
Mount Screw for Neo/Piko/Piko R/ Blika R (also for Twinfix and SL A)
For headband and helmet mount. Contents: 2 x screws & 2 x o-rings
US $6.00
Products 73 - 92 of 92
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