Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 14 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 7 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 7 Helmet Light System
Wilma R 7 Helmet Light System

Wilma R 7 Helmet Light System

3600 Lumen; 120g Lamp; Bluetooth; 6.9 Ah SmartCore Battery; Runtime 1:45-150 Hours; 360g Total System Weight


THE NIGHT-TIME GAME-CHANGER.  Boasting an astonishing 3600 lumens, the redesigned Wilma is brighter than conventional car headlights. And, the high-quality CNC-machined aluminum body is now even more robust, more beautiful and above all more functional. Wilma is the ideal companion for rugged mountain-biking, endurance hiking, and running.  SYSTEM INCLUDES: Wilma R 3600 Lumen LED Lamp head, Bluetooth remote, Peppi V5, 6.9 Ah SmartCore Battery, FrontClick Helmet mount, 120 cm extension cord, Wiesel Charger, One Short and One Long Lupine hook & loop fastener strap, Pouch M, Manual.

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Full Description

Innovative German manufacturing packs high-end LED technology into Wilma’s robust, sleek and functional aluminum housing that’s milled from a single piece of high-end, lightweight aluminum.

Wilma’s powerful illumination, paired with a perfectly balanced luminous image, allows you to indulge in any activity at night, no matter how extreme or technical it is. So, test your limits on a mountain bike or make the run of your life while skiing; the Wilma knows no limits.

Wilma offers 10 different dimming levels and numerous additional functions, such as SOS, FLASH, RVLR and the alpine emergency signal modes, for maximum safety and versatility.

With a single keystroke, you can switch between levels, easily check the remaining battery life or combine up to four light levels in any order to create your own light program.

Our intelligent SmartCore electronics pull power evenly from Li-ion battery cells, minimizing burnout, and maximizing the longevity of your battery. The battery also acts as a capacity gauge, offering visual and audio signals in 10% increments.

Our long-lasting, Li-Ion SmartCore batteries are completely waterproof and feature an extremely robust protective ABS plastic outer shell, which is made to resist extreme weather, shocks and mud. Integrated electronics prevent electric faults on rough terrain.

In addition to the Wilma’s extensive setting options, the revolutionary integrated Bluetooth wireless remote control offers unprecedented ease of use. Control up to five pre-programmed light modes directly from the handlebar- with lightning speed, without delay, without cable and without any security risk.

And, a special LUPINE LIGHT CONTROL APP for iOS and Android makes it possible to adjust the brightness levels of our lights from a Smartphone and get unique status information.

Product Details

The FL1 Standard is a newly set standard to compare the specifications of flashlights by different manufacturers.


Runtime for Wilma R 7 with 6.9 Ah SmartCore Battery

28W/3600Lumens – 1:45Hours

23W/2700Lumens – 2:00Hours

19W/2300Lumens – 2:30Hours

14W/1800Lumens – 3:20Hours

10W/1350Lumens – 4:45Hours

7W/1000Lumens – 6:45Hours

5W/750Lumens – 9:30Hours

3W/450Lumens – 15:00Hours

1.5W/225Lumens – 31:00Hours

0.3W/45Lumens – 150:00Hours

1.2W/150Lumens – 40:00Hours

0.3W/40Lumens – 160:00Hours


Wilma R 7 3600 Lumen Helmet Light- 28W

Light Output – 3600 Lumens

Runtime – 1:45 – 160 hours

Reach FL12 – 10 m

Battery – 6.9 Ah SmartCore

Weight – 360g

Battery Setup – In pocket or in backpack

Bluetooth Technology – Remote or app


Lamp head: Wilma R 3600 Lumens – 28W

Bluetooth Technology – yes

Bluetooth Remote – yes

Lumens – 10 steps from 0.3W (45 Lumens) to 28W (3200 Lumens)

Special Modes – Flash, SOS, Alpine emergency signal, RVLR

Material – CNC-machined, Aluminum 6061-T6, Shot-peened, Hard-anodized

Weight – 120g

Dimensions – 50 x 50mm

Protection class – IP 68 (Water tightness), IK 09 (impact strength)

Lens – 22° Optics (Collimated Lens Technology)

Illuminant – 4 Cree XM-L2 U4

LED-Board – Copper

Color Temperature – 6000K (5% tolerance)

Microprocessor – 14-bit RISC (4-Fach PLL)

Converter Phase – 50KHz

Corespeed – 32MHz

Conducting path structure – smaller 0.3 mm

Temperature control – active

Ambient Temperature –  minus 25°C to + 70°C

LED indicator – 5 x RGB LED Osram

LED Backlight – 2 x RGB LED Avago

Voltage Indicator – by RGB LED

Low-Battery warning lamphead – by backlight

Discharged capacity – by RGB LED

Reserve tank – depending on battery and type of use

Candlelight function – 0.3W

Connection cable – ULT- Ultra Low Temperature (-40° to +80° C)


Battery: SmartCore 6.9 AhBattery: SmartCore 6.9 Ah

Material – Casing Polyamide, layer polyurethane

Battery 7.2V – 6.9 Ah

Watt hours – 24Wh

Weight – 240g

Proper for – all Lupine Lights

Protection class – IP 68 (waterproofness), IK 09 (impact strength)

Cell type – Panasonic NCR18650B

High current – 6C

SmartCore Technology – Advanced battery management

Lexan-Touchpad – with 5 Hyper Red LED’s

Capacity Indicator – 10% steps via 5 Hyper Red LEDs

Rear Light-Function – Yes

Running Light-Function – Yes

Balancing Function – CV (constant voltage)

Calibration Function – through Lexan-Touchpad when connected to charger

Audible signal – 60dB

Microprocessor – 14-Bit RISC

PCB – Reversible cutoff at short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage


Charger: Wiesel V4

Charge current – 0.1 – 1.2A

Input voltage – 100 – 240V

Frequency – 50- 60Hz

Display – charging control via 1 LED

Compatible batteries – Lupine Li-Ion Batteries – 7.2V

Functions – Li-Ion Charge

Microprocessor controlled – yes


Lupine’s range of compatible accessories and mount kits allows you to easily transform your Wilma lamp head into a lamp for any activity.

Securely mount Wilma to your bike helmet using the Wilma Helmet Mount and state-of-the-art Lupine hook-and-loop fastener straps (included in your kit).

Add a high-quality headband to transform Wilma into the perfect headlamp for hiking, camping, running or climbing.

Add a Quick-Release Mount to your Lupine system to easily secure your Wilma to mountain bike or road bike handlebars.

It’s easy to mount your SmartCore battery to your bike frame or seat post by using the Lupine hook-and-loop fastener straps that are included with your battery .

The Rolf V1 Mount is a great alternative to the fastener straps for mounting your battery to your bike frame. You can mount the Rolf on the bottle-mount of your bike, then just slide in a Lupine SmartCore. Rolf V1 makes it possible to attach or remove the Lupine SmartCore battery within a second. No hook-and-loop fastener needed.

Works with 3.3 Ah SmartCore, 6.6 Ah SmartCore, 9.9 Ah SmartCore and 13.2 Ah SmartCore batteries. You may need an additional extension to connect to the battery.

Carrying cases, such as the Speedsleev Endure Top Tube Case, allow you to securely carry your battery and other biking essentials.




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